About PunditDad

PunditDad resides in Illinois with his lovely wife (Codename: Mommy) and their baby daughter (Codename: The Bean). Formerly a political hack from Alaska, Punditdad has settled down and is staying home with the Bean as a full time stay at home dad.   Free of the cubicle and the commute, with an eye towards public policy and babies, PunditDad hopes to use his sharp tongue and understanding of politics to highlight the adventures of a dad/fish out of water and the ongoing misadventures of our nations’ politicians. Comments, slurs, outrage and ideas are welcome! Email punditdad@gmail.com


3 Responses

  1. Hey PunditDad … way to go on launching the site! A perfect outlet for you.

    I may have some insights for you regarding approaches to take on your blogging. You can get my contact info through Martha.

  2. Hi there,

    Do you every do product reviews? We’re a start up working with Dr. Sears to offer parents healthy, really delicious and convenient alternatives to foods with preservatives and additives.

    We make two products for baby – HAPPYBABY and HAPPYBELLIES – and one for toddlers/kids – HAPPYBITES. Our meals are organic and allergy friendly; our packaging recyclable.

    Every time parents buy one of our meals, they also feed children in Malawi and Sierra Leone through Project Peanut Butter, our non-profit partner.

    I would be glad to send you coupons so you can share with The Bean.

    Thank you, Helen

  3. Hey Punditdad,
    Glad someone has the time to distill some some of the politico world for those of us with an interest, but maybe to many interests, and not enough time. Like your take… keep putting it out there.


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