Gloom and Doom

Brought back to the blog because all I ever read about is how tough, terrible, and generally horrible the following things are:

  • Being a mom –NOBODY understands  how tough it is being a mom, especially being a stay at home mom. No respect, no love, no nothing. Even if you’re richer than 99% of the world population, have clothes, shelter, a mortgage and great health insurance, the world is a pile of dog poo and nobody understands what you are going through and all the transparent sacrifices you have made in your attempt to raise good kids.
  • Being a Democrat — Obama is a spineless POS who had betrayed all the progressives and destroyed health care. He’s broken every promise made on the campaign trail and damnit I’ll never go door to door for him again! The Republicans and the Tea Bag Party are going to take over the world and win every seat in the midterms and return us to the medieval times we had for 8 years under George W. Bush (at least we could hate him with real vindication!)
  • Being Sandra Bullock — OMG is she the crummiest actress in the world to get a Golden Globe for some religious right wing crap football movie where the black guy needs the rich white woman to take care of him? At least Avatar had blue people as code in an “artistic” way for different “races” and the chosen people who the White Messaiah will lead to the way to victory, a drop top Benz and maybe a super bowl ring.
  • Being Hatian — Do Haitians really care what Pat Robertson and the slug Rush Limbaugh think of their country? No, but when you sit at the right hand of GOD, you have a great view of the world and why it is so messed up.  Has ANY Republican disputed their words? Can Scott Brown pose naked in a magazine and still be Senator? YES!

These and other fine myths will be discussed ad nauseaum further on the pages of Punditdad and his newly resurrected blog.  Have a nice day.


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