Whine Isn’t Just a Drink for Dinner

Punditdad has had it up to here with whining. Both from his toddler and from the people out in the place we call the world.  People are too wimpy to really be angry but too bored to let things pass.  Our darling daughter gets instant R-E-S-P-E-C-T if she screams at TOP volume if you give her a rice cake instead of crackers.  I dig it. I’d rather someone was decisive with me rather than mildly complaining.  People should be the same. Mad at something? Leave. Don’t like a website? Don’t go there? In fact, I’m whining about people whining which is probably part of my blogging self loathing.

The latest thing some dad bloggers have been whining about the picture at the bottom of the page, apparently in time for Father’s Day.

I”m not sure how this is offensive.  So you don’t like being a SAHD? Stop.  Now what would happen if it was a woman in an evening gown? I think I’d find that a bit liberating eh? Don’t have to be a stay at home employee regardless of your gender.  I can only come to the conclusion that there are  a tremendous number of people who are actively looking for something to be insulted so it provides their shitty blogs with meaningless content.  This blog doesn’t need content to be shitty, that’s why Punditdad stays away and abandons you, the reader, at various times.   I’ll be back soon but do you think this picture is offensive to anyone? I don’t shop Lord and Taylor but the guy looks sharp in his suit.  Why are some kids in jammies but some are dressed for a summer day? I’m offended as a parent!

Once a Mormon missionary, now an overdressed SAHD.

Once a Mormon missionary, now an overdressed SAHD.

4 Responses

  1. Thats good. Perfect whine, really. I agree lots.

    I was going to use a particular dad blog as an example of someone who whines in every post about these types of things, but then I noticed that you linked his site in your ‘SAHD Brothers in Arms’ menu on the right, so I will refrain from using him as an example.

  2. I try to avoid saying this if I can at all help it, but GODDAMMIT I love you, man.

    PS: I think that ad is f*ing hysterical. I also loved that stupid Motrin ad, so clearly I’m an asshole.

  3. why do you suck at posting, any more pundit dad? why has a month gone by since we’ve heard from you? the people want some pundit dad thoughts.

    KT out.

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