What’s Your Angle Daddy?

Sheesh, in the time that I’ve taken off from moving from OC to IL the world has suddenly become covered in Stay at Home Dads.  Note this interesting article this morning in the NYTimes:


I know people are out there looking for stories with hooks, an angle to make the story sexier and the stay at home dad “trend” seems to get that abuse all the time.  Here is a list of story angles in the past two years I’ve read that told more about the angle than the real STORY of how dads are equal caregivers in the modern age.

1.  Daddy is resented by Mommy for staying home.

2. Daddy is resented and mistrusted by other Mommies by staying home.

3. Daddy is resented, mistrusted and alone in a community that doesn’t understand what kind of pussy would stay home with his kids.

4. Dads don’t kill kids if they stay home.  Suprise!

5. Stay at home dads organize, have playdates and breath oxygen like other beings.

6.  Sometimes staying at home is an financial choice, other times its because that’s the BEST choice.

7. Kids grow up happy, safe and loved when home with dads.

8. Damnit, if this trend continues, society may someday recognize it…as something.

9. There is still a lot of work to be done in identity politics both for men and women.

10.  Dads really, really, really love their kids.

For a long time people in parenting magazines and such have been writing abou the travails of moms and their adventures. I wonder if those same magazines like Parenting and such are going to start turning towards dads to address problems, concerns, questions and challenges? I hope so.  Hell, maybe it’s time for a monthly Stay at Home Magazine?? Heck yes!


Sweet Home Chicago

Jake and Elwood would have made great SAHDS!

Jake and Elwood would have made great SAHDS!

When I was a kid, I saw the Blues Brothers for the very first time maybe around 9 or 10. It had car crashes, weird dancing and a lot of sunglasses. I really loved it except for the musical interludes. Now as an adult, I think the music is what makes the movie.  Performances with Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles are the spirit of Chicago, the soul, the vibe, the outrageous nature of the City of Broad Shoulders.   Yah, the movie glosses over the poverty, the racial inequality and the corruption that has stunk up the city for many many years, but heck, they drive a car through a mall and that’s a good thing.  Chicago has all the things that you could want, arts, sports, crazy weather, friendly people and interesting politics.   The freeways are terrible, the wind is terrible and the snow is terrible but it makes the summers that much more golden and the people that much more harty.  I’m hoping we’re here (again) for a long time.

Punditfamily has just finished getting moved to and I’m going to try and use the end of the crazy moving lifestyle to mix it up and get the blog going again.   Although we were sad to leave the weather of California, it was always a temporary assignment and it’s nice to get it out of our system and, hopefully settle down.

I’m getting acclimated to the community we are now in and am thinking about a new blog devoted to seeing it with fresh eyes. Will let you know if I’m brave enough to reveal it’s whereabouts.

On the prowl for dads and dad’s groups here, thinking that the Bush recesssion has affected enough that dads’ are coming out of the woodwork to hook up at parks and get their kids outdoors.  I’ll keep your posted.