Stay At Home Dads Therapy Group = Park ‘N Play

Let the slide release your Id.

Let the slide release your Id.

Despite being a man, I’m comfortable “sharing” the challenges of being home with a child with other men. This isn’t rocket science as to why. I want to know when their kids nap, snack, scream, shit, shower and generally how they operate.  Do they keep their kids up too late or never nap them? Do they feed them junk food or tons of juice?  You gotta find out if you’re doing the right things or what. Is the library cool or the zoo fun or too expensive?  Only through sharing do you find this stuff out. I met a guy today who has 4 kids, 6, 4, 3, and 21 months. He’s been doing the SAHD thing for 6 years! This guy is like the YODA of SAHDS and I barely got a chance to pick his brain.  What I could learn from him. Where did I meet him? At the weekly park group that I attend.  About 5-6 dads and their kids go to the park, run around, eat, snack and shoot the bull.   Now some people would have trouble with this group. Why? Because they are afraid to show up and meet strangers. They are afraid they won’t fit in or say the right things. I understand it but in this tough world that we live in, you gotta be stronger than that.  Thankfully, about 10 months ago, I started going to the OC Dads group and what a great group of guys I’ve gotten to know. They are my friends.

The Bean is the youngest of them and is still walking around like a stoned Frankenstein’s Monster that can’t throw a ball, ride a bike or do much other than get pushed on the swings.  But being around other kids and seeing her intereact with them is gratifying.  Seeing her be around other men who are parenting is cool and I know she’s a little bit better off because of it.  I’ve met cool guys who write movies, tv, create websites, daytrade in the market, parachute and dumpster dive.  They are all different and have a unique and relaxed manner of parenting — similiar to me.  In fact, being with them has cemented the confidence I have, that parental anxiety drips down to kids and that letting kids be kids is the most important thing you can do.  I look forward to seeing the dads and spending another sunny day at the park, shooting the bull and eating goldfish crackers.

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  1. That sounds like a totally awesome group. And not at all girly. Really, it’s not.

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