Flying Solo

I'm your Captain. Would you like a pillow?

I'm your Captain. Would you like a pillow?

Flying solo is a difficult time in the Punditdad household. It means that I’m forced to be with and care for the child ALL DAY with no relief during the night for “the put down”. Somehow, when the chores of parenthood were split up, Punditdad chose feeding dinner at night and Momma chose putting to bed and all associated rituals.  Now, when Momma leaves for work so she can earn more money and keep Punditdad in the lifestyle that he has become accustomed to, he must take over the loathsome chores.

For someone who does the nap time put down, putting to bed is arduous, slow and completely un-riveting.  She is tired, I want an ice cold beer and neither of us is really excited to be here. That’s why when Momma is out of town we do a strict 5:30 PM feed time and a strict 6:00 PM bedtime.  This may seem early but the Bean is usually asleep by 6:30 PM anyway.  I mean, what the hell, I’m going to be the one she sees at 7:00 AM anyway when it’s time to get out of the jammies and eat breakfast so cut me a break.

This week it’s Monday through Friday of flying solo. I’ve done it before but Parent Sanity is the most fragile of things. I must hold on. I can hold on. Is it bedtime yet?

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  1. Yeah it is tought when you’re not the regular one that does it. And honestly, I think we dads tend to have less patience. I have less, waaay less. My wife is going out of town on a business trip again soon for four days. Gonna be a tough one.

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