Koyaanisqatsi: Family Out of Balance

Koyaanisqatsi is a movie about urban life and technology and the profound affect those have on the Earth and our environment. In our house, life out of balance is having one parent away. Family out of balance.

I feel like we are  out of balance when my wife is gone.  Although the Bean and I spend most days together, there is something empty about a house with only a single adult.  I tend to stay up late dilly-dallying around until midnight or later and waking up tired. I pick up less and let the house go to hell.   I think that a partner in the house keeps us stable and grounded.  I miss her deeply when she is gone and happy when she comes home.  Two people sharing the responsibility of raising children is easier than one.  For the love of god I don’t know how single parent’s do it — especially with multiple children.  It seems like it would be like balancing a house of cards.

Thankfully she doesn’t have to travel much and we do fine while she is gone, but still. It is not the same.  During the times when she is at an airport or at a hotel and I put down the phone after giving/getting an update, I thank my lucky stars that I have married such a wonderful person who is willing to travel away from her baby to make sure the family unit has bread on the table. We are a team.