Backing up and admitting defeat

wve-white-flag-260Well, I left this blog some time at the beginning of November with the goal of trying to write a novel in 30 days and reaching a nice little finish line in my mind.  Punditdad wrote 37,000 words of the supposed 50,000 word target and was pretty much ready to dunk the ball like LeBron James.  Then one day I went to restart my computer and it didn’t come up roses. It came up with a Bios Utility screen that was not my regular screensaver.  After phone calls and experiments and connecting wires and restarts, I realized that my hard drive and all my music and my novel, are for the moment, trapped on a small piece of plastic and metal.  I’m still trying to get my information off of it, but for now it’s trapped.  I have been defeated.

I entered the National Novel Writing Month Contest sure that I could win. I would finish the novel in 30 days and have another “accomplishment” under my belt.  But I didn’t care enough to back up my novel.  I wish I hadn’t been so lazy. I guess you have to learn lessons, that sheer will power isn’t enough.

I may never get the book back, but I did learn some lessons that may come in handy in the future.

  • I can sit down and write easily, but the result is boring. I need hooks.
  • People map out a book for a reason, it has to twist and turn and be a ride, not a menu.
  • Dialogue is hard.
  • Remembering everything that you have written is hard. Take notes.
  • Names are hard.

Bottom line; if I ever want a career as a novelist, I need to take some writing classes that give me the skillz to pay the billz.  Flying by the seat of your pants won’t cut it.

Ok, that said, I’m ready to start attacking windmills and parenting again. Next victim: Playground Moms.

P.S. I’ve learned my lesson on backing up my information now too.

3 Responses

  1. If you think a novel is hard – those playground moms are going to eat your lunch.

    I bet when you find your novel and reread it – it won’t be as bad as you remember.

    you live in a city? there is probably a writing group somewhere. where you can meet fellow writers and critique each other’s work. Or a class you can audit at the community college.

  2. Good words to heed, thanks. This month, I dusted off my outline and first two chapters of my novel that I put aside (mumble) years ago in lieu of getting married and raising a family. Based on what happened to you, I think my first order of business is to make a backup CD ASAP.

    Good luck on the recovery mission!

    P.S. 6 days and counting… 🙂

  3. I hear ya. I am writing a book, I did nearly 300 pages in 28 days but then got stuck, dead stuck. Couldn’t finish the stoy line.

    I love what you wrote here. Very funny and I know exactly what you mean.

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