Blog Cynicism Disease

I'll update my blog on my favorite denture paste!

I'll update my blog on my favorite denture paste!

Right now Punditdad is nearing 20,000 words in his great American novel for the National Novel Writing Month contest. I’ve been disciplined and writing pretty much everyday.  The book sucks, has terrible spelling and no punctuation.  I harbor no belief that it will ever be read by anybody other than my wife.  Its the doing, not anything else that is important. Some days are more fun than others but I can see what’s going to happen next and I’m confident I can get it done. Good stuff.

I’ve been tracking some of my bookmarked blogs these days after the election to read how people are feeling and where their heads are at, it’s an excuse to think about parenting and something other than my book.  I like to leave comments and read comments. Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion that all blogs suck.  This one included.  This isn’t just self-effacing misdirection, I really mean everybody, this blog included.

I know, that’s harsh and most people in the personal blog community spend all their days waxing other blogger’s dicks so they can get a hyperlink on their blogroll or they can get the “Bloggers’ Choice Awards”. It’s just not right to say that all blogs suck…but they do.

Why do they suck? Because they lack true originality or thought. They are really just contrived and sometimes unhumorous snapshots of people’s uninspired lives.  Check that, people do live inspired lives but they are sharing the WRONG parts of their inspired lives.  We feel comfortable sharing the funny uncomfortable moments that make us look like jackasses, but we rarely reveal the tough parts of our lives,  the parts that make us look greedy or self centered or mean spirited. The parts of our lives that make us something more than a superficial vanity mirror, created to impress our friends and gain followings.

Again, this blog included.  Why did I start this blog? Three reasons: I wanted to increase my feeling of self worth since I wasn’t bringing home a paycheck, experiment whether I can write complete sentences and investigate the blogging world.  So far the writing is the only thing that seems to be worth a damn.

I’m hoping that my current state of Blog Cynicsm Disease fades soon because I enjoy the people who are blogging, but sometimes I just can’t stand their posts, this blog included. I can’t stand MY POSTS. Nothing is said that is daring, original or piercing.  People’s topics are simply a replacement for the kinds of conversations we used to have before the internet sucked our time away standing around the water cooler or at the bowling alley.

What about the days when people wrote LETTERS to each other, letters that were so compelling and thoughtful that people put them into books over the years to be read by fucking scholars. Now I blog about going to the fucking store. What gives?  Is my life so small and pathetic that I need to impress you by writing a funny little ditty about shopping at Ikea? I pray not. Maybe I should talk about how I think I’m going to explain to my daughter that my father killed himself because of schizophrenia after living like a hermit for nearly 20 years and the angst I feel for not seeing him for those years?

But is that what we want to read? Is that a day brightener? Not really. It’s closer to the truth than me rueing how not to curse in front of my toddler though.  Maybe blogs are just like real life, two parts pepper and one part sugar and we like to focus on the sugar to keep making it through the days and the nights.  But it’s the harsh pepper that makes up the REAL part, the part that needs tempering.

Now, you’re a blogger reading this post thinking,”My blog doesn’t suck, it’s an honest reflection of who I am as a person and what I want to portray to my readers. Besides Punditdad, who the hell are you to criticize since your blogs sucks and nobody reads it.”  I’m not going to disagree with you and probably I read your blog on a consistent basis because of your excellent judgement. But right now I have Blog Cynicism Disease. Sorry.  If you suffer from occasional B.C.D, please let me know how you overcame it. I’d really like to know. I’d like to blog about Playground Moms…a very serious topic.

2 Responses

  1. My blog TOTALLY sucks. And so does my novel writing. You win. Now get to the playground post.

  2. I was talking about this very thing with a friend today and wound up here.
    Honestly? “Day-brighteners” are starting to make me a bit sick to my stomach. I’ll take my two parts pepper any day. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

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