5 Things Liberals Like Me Should Do Next

539w15. Revel in the victory and rub conservative’s faces with it until January. No really. Those bastards have been praying at the alter of the worst president in recorded history: make sure they know that a black dude with a crazy sounding name is the new president and he KICKED ASS over the POW and anguished hero of John McCain.   Palin and McCain’s terrible brand of hate politics didn’t work and the Republicans need to go back into the woods and think about what the future of their party is. I certainly hope that moderates like Mitch McConnell can wrest it from the religious conservatives who have been the loudest fear mongers.  They really do need to be the Teddy Roosevelt party, not the David Duke party.

4. Hold Obama to his bipartisan promises. If you were like me, you may have glossed over Obama’s rhetoric of “working across the aisle”.  You were thinking,”Yah, working across the aisle while I stick a knife in your throat and a grenade in your pocket.” Revenge is a dish best served cold. But really, this country for all it’s “progress” could turn on Obama in a second like a hungry feral dog and start blaming him for the cloudy weather and the 49’ers losing season. Believe it. He needs a Republican in the Cabinet. He needs some market based approaches to health care reform. He needs to use language that appeals to the middle of the road voters who sent him to the White House.  When Clinton told the nation that we should, “Save Social Security first,” Republicans literally shit their pants because the guy was laying a well placed kick to their balls. It can be done.

3. Admit that Obama is arrogant, egotistical, cold-blooded, and ruthless.  Face it, the guy broke on public financing and should have taken McCain up on some aspect of townhall meetings. That’s what the bleeding heart liberals would have preferred. But then he wouldn’t have won. Sometimes being right and winning are two different things completely.  Enter governing and the difference is even more dramatic. I spent many a time defending Bill Clinton’s quirks when I really should have been talking about wealth and job creation, low crime and the LACK OF WARS.  It’s not how you do something, it is what you get done and 4-8 years isn’t nearly enough time to make the changes we need, especially if you are worried about hurting someone’s feelings.

2.  Be reconciled that Obama’s presidency needn’t be GREAT but that he must do great things for a majority of Americans. Think about the wealth of the middle class created under Clinton. Think about the criticisms he received from liberals about welfare to work reform.  In retrospect, did Clinton do more harm than good to working families?

1. Celebrate with our children and our loved ones that the promise of America is really burning stronger than ever and those fucking idiots in Europe will never have a leader half as cool as ours even though they get free health care. Nationa pride is not nationalism or jingoism despite what some of my harsh liberal friends think. I really do love America and today, on November 5th, I love it even more for what it has shown to its own people, the generous and loving heart that we all share despite our fears.  We can and will do better. You betcha!

4 Responses

  1. Great list! Thanks for posting.

  2. Agreed and HI!

    Obama isn’t as warm as fuzzy as some other contenders have been, but that is part of why I like him. He IS egotistical and confident, he knows he’s all that and a bag of chips, but one of his finest selling points is that he also has the ability to learn from his mistakes. Just look at his campaign.

    Plus, he’s just incredibly smart and even though he may not choose who everyone else would choose to help him, his decisions show a high degree of calculation and intelligence. I don’t think he chose Biden because he thought he would help him WIN the presidency, but because he could help him DURING his presidency. That’s more than I can say for the other guy.

  3. Excellent list and yes, Obama is all those things PLUS extremely smart, deliberate, and perhaps a political genius. You didn’t say Fuck in front of the Bean though, did you?

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