Not Doing the To-Do List

Life is more than getting things done!

Life is more than getting things done!

Stay at home dads always have to do lists. I mean, I don’t have a job other than keeping a baby alive between 8:00 AM and 5:30 PM so it’s tough to defend against. To do lists are a pain in the ass and rarely do they have something fun on them like, “Google fart” or “lounge on Facebook and laugh at people’s Interests” or even “make turkey sandwich”. No, to do lists are filled with things that HAVE to be done, not WANT to be done. Since I’ve been pretty open about my life, and mind you, since most of you readers don’t leave comments, I’m assuming you’re skulkers rather than faithful fans, I’m going to share my to-do list.

10. Finalize 529 Plan — Darling Daughter will be going to college in 17 years and PunditFamily will need probably at least $4.5 Million dollars to send her to some community college for her associates’ degree. Maybe if she’s smart she’ll become a welder or a nurse because those people in 17 years are going to be like the Goldman Sach’s investment bankers of the 90’s- paid like gods and just as rare.

9. Buy PunditMommy a Replacement Coffee Mug – Dumbass dad put her favorite mug in the dishwasher which gets up to core temperature of the sun and melted the cup into a slightly obscene shape which makes it difficult to drink out of and incompatible for commuting with a good cup of joe.  For some reason this is the one on the list I’m completely uninspired by. Go figure.

8.  Get Jacked up on Sittercity — We’ve been dawdling about getting a regular dependable sitter for nights and days.  Since I’m blanching at the interview process, I rarely, if ever got to to see all the Education Majors who are looking for work at UCI and need extra dough to pay the lease on their Jettas.  I need to start thinking of this as my key to freedom instead of a chore. When in doubt, throw money at it!

7. Oil Change/Car Wash — I’ve already destroyed one engine in my ’98 Toyota Corolla and there’s no excuse for doing it again.  There’s a Jiffy Lube as close to my house as Russia is to Sarah Palin’s house (closer). Additionally, my car has a weird smell like old formula, thousands of coffee cups and coffee stains and it looks like a real clunker going down the road compared to the moving Mercedes slideshow that is the OC.  Not to mention the fact that Punditmommy exploded a canister of Cheerios on the PunditCar floor this weekend. I’ve ben forced to feed the Bean with those though. Handy.

6. Sell Green Lamps on Craigslist — We’ve got some hideous lamps that need to go but PunditFamily has the drugged up belief they are worth dollars.  I’ve posted them on the ‘List before but no takers. Should I pay someone to take them or just take them to Goodwill. Christ, a trip to Goodwill is another addition to the list.

5. Buy Running Shoes — Punditdad is going to run the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Marathon and made this claim like Joe Biden makes “rhetorical flourishes”. Now all I need to do is hit the racks for a new pair of New Balances. I keep putting off the training because of the shoes.  Notice how one mundane thing creates a roadblock to a difficult task? Hello!

4.  Read book for Book Club — Just joined a book club on Meetup and the people are quite nice. We picked “An American Wife” by Curtis Sittenfeld (Author of “Prep”) and I’m enjoying it. I’m 250 pages in and barely half way, the club meets next Tuesday night so I’ve got some reading to do. Hate coming without having finished the book. You thought book clubs were for wussies right? Wrong! They’re for deep intellectuals and philosophers who tend to spend hours thinking about modern man’s challenges as a slave to technology while still finding the true meaning of his or her soul. Damn right. I’m not reading the Secret Life of Bees or some shit like Tuesday’s with Morrie. Gag me.

3.  Make Bean’s Carrots – I’ve had about 20 pounds of carrots in the fridge waiting to be “baby prepared” which means softening them in hot water and putting them in the blender for course chopping. Big mess and not that fun but Beanie loves carrots. What am I waiting for?

2.  Research Summer House Rental in Michigan – We’ve got an idea to rent a house on Lake Michigan next summer, spend a week or two and let family rotate in while we hang on the beach, visit relatives and generally have a family vacation.  Unfortunately I have no idea what is availabe in South Haven so need to get on this.

1. Vegas Baby! — Nana and Bapa are the kind souls (Punditdads’ parents and frequent readers of this site) coming to the OC to visit for Xmas this year. They have agreed to watch the baby for 3 nights while PunditDad/Mommy live it up in Vegas losing money, inspecting Hoover Dam and getting massages.  Need hotel and a nice dinner somewhere. As usual, I’m a big believer in Priceline, mostly because they’ve never steered us wrong with hotels or rental cars.

That’s my list! Not bad, no home construction or building. No carpentry or plumbing or test taking or anything too difficult just plain good old American procrastination and laziness.  Maybe I’ll make a deal with myself — if Obama wins I’ll do the list in  day. If he loses I’ll burn the list and never think about it again!

7 Responses

  1. Good one. Mark “Post To-Do List to Blog” off your to-Do list. Clearly a way to force you to actually do your list by increasing its visibility and thus your shame. Who says were we’re a guilt culture and not a shame culture anymore. And just give the damn lamps to charity! They are worth something; all the crap you donate is one less dollar you have to pay in taxes on in April. At least this way you can deduct their *real* value and not what some cheap-ass hipster (you remember) would pay you for them on Craigslist.

  2., baby. Craiglist without the money. Goodwill that picks up. Most excellent.

  3. As I read your post I couldn’t stop thinking about your “keeping a baby alive between 8:00 AM and 5:30”. That implys that as soon as she walks in the door it’s hand off time. Yeah, me too. I pull the handoff every night. Soon as she gets home.

    Lists, ahh yes. But I can’t stand itwhen Lilly gives me a list. But I have no problem making my own. Go figure.

  4. um, I didn’t see “Visit London” on your to do list… so, maybe it is on PunditMommy’s list?

  5. Enjoyed coming to visit and I will definitely be back again soon! That’s quite a “to do” list you’ve got going. I read a few of your posts. Hmmm. I think you should go back in my archives and read my post from Sept 19th. It might give you some insight into your new home town.

  6. Pundit Dad –
    Not only is your 1998 vehicle not nearly as clean or fuel-efficient as a newer vehicle – you should know that by not keeping your vehicle properly maintained, you are only further increasing your carbon footprint – so think of that task as an important environmental one. maybe that will motivate you.
    But MOST importantly is the utmost of importance of having a list of regular sitters you can call upon for evenings out with your lovely wife or a break during the day – KT cannot stress enough the importance (and difficulty) of building said list – I feel you – but this is a very important task and one I would urge you to make #1.
    And frankly, a beach house rental in Michigan? Are you for real?
    Come on – you can do better than that.
    KT out.

  7. Dude it sounds like your economy is doing alright. I find my sitters by mooching the sitters off church ladies. Summer homes and vacations.

    Where the hell does PunditMommy work?

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