How I Voted & Why

Punditdad recently voted in California mail-in ballot style. Get ‘er done as the rednecks say and make sure you count in the final tally. There’s a thousand ways you can not get counted but not showing up or being late are the most likely ways. Punditdad, being new to California and it’s clusterfuck of a ballot initiative system needs a bit more time to think through the best choices for local government and the propositions so he does it in the comfort of his home with fast internet access and a cup o’ joe.

How Punditdad Voted:

Obama for President – Obama is up by like 50000% in California so this is no big deal. If you’re voting for McCain you have a different worldview than I. You see America as a place under siege by enemies who are invisible and visible.  The media, the terrorists, the anti-Americans.  Many Republicans I know believe that Islam is not a religion to be dealt with but destroyed. I just think that inevitably, we’ll put enough Coke and McDonald’s in their countries that people will be too complacent and fat to be religious extremists. Barry Obama is the future of our country whether you or I like it or not. He could be the finest president we’ve ever had or a complete disintegration of democracy. I guess we’ll find out.

Steve Young for Congress – Young is an attorney with no chance running against John Campbell. Campbell is the fascist dipshit that rules the OC area of Irvine and is a one trick pony for fanning the flames of hate regarding immigration and terrorism.  I have no doubt that Campbell will win but I feel that there is generational change that may slip by him in the next coming election cycle where he can’t count on older, wealthier white people to be his base as the Hispanic/Asian population will have increased in a more middle class way.

Sukhee Kang for Irvine Mayor – As far as I can tell, there is a war going on between the Republicans and the Democrats on the Irvine City Council despite the fact that these seats are non-partisan.  While the R side appears to be a bit obstructionist regarding the building of the Great Park (totally huge park bigger than Delaware that will take over the El Toro Air Force Base and be totally awesome), Kang and his cohorts appeal to my left-center sensibilities, stressing education (Irvine has the best schools in the country), safety (safest city in the country) and the environment.  Christine Shea, running for mayor as well, has a “Negative Campaign” going and she hasn’t asked for my vote so she’s not getting it.

Irvine City Council:

Larry Agran – I don’t really know this guy but he supports the Great Park, is willing to put Irvine on the line for the cost of it and I think that takes guts. Besides, despite having tons of parks, you can never have enough parks.

Todd Gallinger – I voted for Todd because he came to my door and asked for my support. He’s got a green agenda and is part of a new generation of public servants who appear home grown and knowledgeable about local issues. He’s married and has a young kid. So do I. We have the same priorities. Also, he looks kinda dorky and I like that.

Beth Krom – This could be my most dubious vote. Beth Krom is termed out of being Irvine Mayor and since moving here, I don’t really know her record. She wants to stay on the Council so the assumption is she has done a good job. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt because of the quality of life in Irvine and the plans for the Great Park. I suppose people have voted on less but I still wish she had sent me a bio, come to my door or called.

Irvine Ranch Water District:

Mary Matheis, Darryl Miller and John Withers: This was tough. All these people have been sitting on this board for years and I have no way of telling what kind of job they’ve been doing. I get water every day and there are a number of innovative things going on in Orange County with regard to water recycling but I don’t know if these people are part of that. The only other guy, Boyd Shultz, who is on the ballot didn’t send info, doesn’t have commercials and apparently things this is a Hail Mary to get a job which appears clouded in secrecy.  As far as I know, Boyd Shultz could be anybody. In those cases, I tend towards the incumbents.

California Props:

Prop I — Yes: This is a lot of money, nearly 10 Billion dollars but if SoCal is to get serious about it’s transportation problems, it might as well be now.  This is a bond so it will be paid over many years.  It will provide rail service all over the place, probably go over budget and take years longer than anyone will like but you gotta start somewhere.

Prop 2 — Yes. Standards for Confining Animals. I don’t care about the farmers of CA saying we’ll get our eggs from Mexico if we have to increase the cage size for hens. Globalization happens and America can be competitive and humane on the world stage.  Will we pay more for eggs? Yes. Are we just a bit better in terms of our own humanity because we didn’t treat caged animals like machines. I hope so.

Prop 3 — Yes. Bonds for more Kids Hospitals. As someone who knows the problems with Medi-Cal and the state of the uninsured in America, kids are on the short end of the stick when it comes to health care. Although this nearly 1 billion dollar bond will cost 2 billion, the well being of a lot of kids makes it worth it.

Prop 4 — No. Parental Consent for Teens. Uh, dad rapes daughter, then daughter needs consent to get abortion? No brainer.  Another hack job to take away our American right to privacy and a sad commentary on the part of the puritanical right to hurt the ones who have been hurt the most, at their weakest moment.

Prop 5 — No.  Foggy on this one but think it takes money out of the system to rehab more nonviolent offenders. Unfortunately it becomes a designated fund so the state can’t change the amount, it then becomes a static payment in the budget. Too much of that already.

Prop 6– No. Police and Law enforcement funding. Same as 5, taking money out of the system permanently to fund something good. While I agree with the need to fund more cops, I think it should be an individual policy decision on the part of the governor.

Prop 7– No. Apparently this is a T. Boone Pickens boondoggle to corner the solar energy market in California. All the Greenies AND the Union of Concerned Scientists have opposed it as well as the evil energy companies. Another no brainer.

Prop 8– NO! Take away a current right to marry. Terrible prop by the religious extremist right to yank away the right to marry for same sex couples in California. Wouldn’t vote for this in a million years, but that’s just how Punditdad rolls you know? Equal rights and shit cause the bible told me so.

Prop 9. — No. There already a very strong Victim’s Rights section in the California Criminal justice system and this would just take money to fund more parts of that. Like previous props, I support the idea but taking money out of the system ties the hands of governments.

Prop 10. — Yes. 9 billion in individual bonds to fund alternative energy in Cali.  Like Prop One, this is pretty expensive and I probably won’t live here long enough to pay for it or reep the benefits, that said, this type of funding for research and development into renewable energy is the type of New Deal 2.0 that we need.

Prop 11. — Yes. Creates redistricting commission to take the Legislators out of the gerrymandering equation. Deadlock in Cali is terrible because they essentially are not hampered by districts, thereby the most liberal and conservative representatives get elected and never can comprimise on anything.  A new system, however imperfect, would allow moderates to break the logjam and put some suspense into the elections that previously incumbents dominated.

Prop 12. — Yes. Veterans Bonds for farm and home aid. What we do to vets in this country is disgraceful and the rhetoric that people like McCain use as a weapon is even more sad as his record shows he’s one of the most anti-vet senators in the government.  If we don’t invest in vets, then their problems become our problems. If we invest intelligently and make sure they have support on farms and at home then, like everyone else they pay taxes and are innovators that our economy needs.

Summary: I dislike the propositional style of voting that California has embraced.  With so many corporate interests out there willing to pay people to get signatures, anyone with money can change the rules of government, put out ads that tell lies and then have the Constitution of California written any way they want no matter how much it ties the hands of the idiots in Sacramento.  Most voters don’t do their homework so catch phrases from commercials are all they remember when they go into the voting booth. That sucks. I think we should have voting by mail, same day voter registration and we move voting to a Saturday AND Sunday so people who work long hours can vote. Imagine how many MORE people would vote if it was on the weekend? Blow out.

Finally, I hope if you’re reading this you’ll send me your outrage, sympathy or antagonism regarding how I voted. I think if we are less secret about how we vote, we can understand ourselves better and the issues.

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  1. I voted early too! I have to admitt, I didn’t really find it satisfying or fulfilling – there’s something about the action of going and physically voting on election day – plus i wanted to take DD and really start her early. BUT – KT was too worried about long lines (not good for a 9 month preggo) or early labor – and though Obama is sure to win Maryland – it is against KT’s soul not to vote. I couldn’t take any chances. My voice needs to be heard.
    KT out.

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