Debate My One Fluttering Eye

Gov. Sarah gets her SUPER HOT winking style from the old man!

Gossip: Gov. Sarah gets her SUPER HOT winking style from the old man!

With all the winking last night, Punditdad thought that Gov. Sarah was making a move on him through the TV! I hope the Guv knows Punditdad is a happily married man who, despite many rumors, is not turned on by people who believe that dinosaurs and man used to live in peace 10,000 years ago or that witches are out there causing trouble for oil pipelines.  Witches and dinosaurs oh my!

What’s the good news? Joe Biden won the debate. Unfortunately, debates aren’t about winning these days they are about perceptions so sayeth the media. But I have my doubts. My feeling is that the Obama campaign is a well run machine that has sent both members of the ticket to debates and demanded they look confident, truthful, factual and credible.  It worked. What more do you need when you are running with the incumbent president incurring the lowest popularity in recorded history? Obama’s Achilles Heel has always been that people doubted his experience and “presidential gravitas”. Biden ups the ante twofold and held up his end of the bargain last night.  I sense that this will send people looking hopefully at the Obama/Biden ticket for reassurance the right messages.

On the other side, Palin did look nervous in the begining but who can blame her? She warmed up and got going in the end. I don’t suppose many partisans will switch sides because of her performance but she did prove that, under the gun, she could act her way out of a corner.  Does she understand foreign policy? Hell no. Is she an expert in energy policy? Hell no.  Does that matter to “low-information” voters who feel angry about their guns and the economic injustice in the world? Hell no.  People who believe the world is flat don’t look to politicians for answers, they look for rationales and enemies to make sense of a world they don’t understand.  And yes, I’m a fucking judgemental elitist. It’s my new thing. Get used to it.

Both George Will and David Brooks, generals in the conservative army, know Gov. Sara is a neophyte to policy and about as qualified to be president on Day One as Punditdad is qualified to play quaterback for the NY Jets. Not even close. Though I might look good in a jock and a helmet.

All bullshit aside, the polls in battlegrounds states are trending towards Obama. McCain has pulled out of Michigan and apparently didn’t run that by Palin, she wants to go back and win one for the gipper. Message to Sarah: you can’t win in a state of unemployed autoworkers when you only give tax breaks to the rich.  In fact, you can’t really win in a lot of Rustbelt states when now one knows what your economic message is except that Obama will raise taxes.  Those taxes are like Putin in AK, just keep rising and appearing when you don’t want them.

As Punditdad has said before, there is still over 30 days left in this election and despite the fact that Obama would win handily if it were held today, never underestimate the hatemongers, racists, bigots and troublemakers who would rather destroy democracy rather than live in one that doesn’t suit their ideological mindset.  Expect hate mail, race baiting and other tragic hijinx to go down in Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina sooner rather than later. Florida too if it keeps giving Johnny Mac such a headache. My god, you put Florida in Obama’s column and the whole thing is over faster than Charlie Crist’s spray on tan!

PS if you would like to see an EXCELLENT site for polling and the current electoral count situation then there is only ONE site for you: . This site is run by Nate Silver, an analytical force of nature who has vowed to run an exemplery site devoted to compiling a REALLY fair and balanced look at the hundreds of polls that are coming out every day. Read it. Impress your friends.

4 Responses

  1. Way to plug fivethirtyeight, as it’s definitely the best polling site on the ‘net, far and away.

    Like your blog too; I’ll be adding it to the blogroll.

  2. I, too, wish the election were today. If only. here’s to things continuing to unfold as they have in the past few weeks.

  3. “Though I might look good in a jock and a helmet.”

    You mean just a jock and a helmet? Damn, honey, would you EVER!

  4. I’m always surprised when people are swayed by how a candidate appears during debates. I could care less about how they stand, smile, etc. I care about how they vote and how they’ll vote in the future. I am totally not looking forward to the next debate. In fact, I might not even watch it. I am sure McCain will come out with some beside-the-point nasty things to throw into a debate which is supposed to be about real issues, and I’ll be sitting on the couch in a sweat hoping Obama doesn’t have to waste time fighting with him.

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