Mental bailout..but at what cost?

What's it worth to you? A mental bailout is priceless.


It’s 9:11 AM and I’m thinking about a mental bailout already. Mommy has been gone only 24 hours and already I’m feeling a bit tired and heavy with the weight of responsibility.  How the hell do people raise children on their own? I’ve known single parents–but to be alone and parent continuasly for a few days without a wingman, a backup player, a deep bench is to understand what it’s really like.  Those people are pillars of strength and that’s no bullshit. We don’t give single parents enough cred and we should.

Besides, I can’t complain, the weather is fine, the stroller is ready, the beer will be cold after bed time and the Netflix is waiting in the mail. What do I have to complain about? With the baby, nothing. She smiles all day long, takes huge naps and sleeps through the night.  But on other matters, Punditdad has some thoughts in no particular order:

  • Barack Obama is sealing the deal. I want the election to be tomorrow. There is too much time left.
  • I have to take a 4 hour plane flight with the Bean by myself on Saturday and I don’t know which baby will show up; the one who squirms, whines and hollers for hours or the one who smiles, sleeps and obeys.  Big mystery.
  • Talking about books is a great way to keep your brain active. People dis book clubs but a great conversation about the meaning of a book will keep you on your toes and hopeful about the human race.
  • The bailout out bill hubbub has me scratching my head. I don’t know if it will work, there are no clear winners if it passes politically and I’m mixed on the economic justice of it.
  • I made a mean meatloaf last night. Secret ingredients? Beer and lots of onions.
  • I’m going to watch the VP debate on Thursday and my  only hope is that Joe Biden doesn’t come off like an ass, a bully or a blowhard. My suggestion for him? Keep your answers short, direct and to the point. Let Palin talk until she fills ALL the airspace.
  • David Sedaris isn’t funny anymore. You can’t be funny when you live a nice life in Paris in a completely healthy relationship with money and travel at your fingertips. Humor only comes through in pain, suffering, dysfunction and loss of hope.
  • I may have jumped the shark on Facebook. ‘Nuff said.
  • Post-season baseball begins today. Both LA/OC and Chicago have two teams competing — both teams could have a Subway/Freeway series. Regardless of whether you like baseball, October baseball is worth watching.
  • Standing at changing table and reached down for another diaper. One left. One. Pack the bag and head to the store. Mommy had only been gone 12 hours and I was skirting disaster. I’m better than that damnit!
  • It’s going to be a scorcher today behind the Orange Curtain. I don’t like the heat. I like warm and sunny but not hot. Thanfully, the area pool might be just the ticket.
  • Sarah Palin is a religious extremist. Read this article and tell me you don’t agree.

Finally, got my NaNoWriMo book in the mail. THat’s my answer to all challenges. Find a book on it and read it. Almost like buying instant credentials. Oh, I may not be able to tie some fancy sailing knot but give me a few weeks and I”ll order a book on it. What the hell did people do before books?

3 Responses

  1. So, Punditdad, what did you think of the VP debate?
    I am getting pre-election jitters, which I really hate, and agree with you that I wish the election were tomorrow (or even yesterday).

  2. How did the flight go, pundit dad? You’re leaving me hanging!
    Also – you should just use – it’ll make your life easier. And finally, I totally agree that sadly, David Sedaris just isn’t funny any more. Or maybe I’m too jealous of his life.

    KT out. Give the bean a big bday kiss from Emma.

  3. I love buying of books about writing instead of writing – ON Writing by Stephen King is a goody.

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