A SAHD Daily Grind

Staying home has been a fantastic experience for me the past 8 months.  The Bean is fun, growing and a delight to be around.   I get to do whatever I want! Go for a bike ride? Check. Go to the pool? Check. Take a walk at the beach? Check.  But these brief extravagances are sandwiched in between a strict sleeping schedule Punditdad has implemented to further the brain power and towering intellect of my child.  Nobody rides for free as the bumper stickers states. It’s the SAHD daily grind and not all milk honey baby.

Most brain development is done during sleep in the “formative” years so Punditdad and Punditmommy have become sticklers for sleep.  As a result, Bean sleeps pretty much 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM every night with slight variances.  No wake ups, no fussing (generally) and no 3:00 AM feedings.  Punditdad long ago determined that a higher overall sleep quotient of the family resulted in a better attitude for everyone. Everyone sleeps through the night and everyone is happy and a better parent.

In addition to sleeping through the night, the bean takes 2 naps of an hour to two hours in the morning and the afternoon.  During that time, daddy is home.  If that sleep cycle is altered dramatically the Bean generally turns into a bright red burning skull with a fierce and terrifying scream that echoes through your skull.  Once you get a kid accustomed to something, you have to stick with it. We’ve made our bed and we gotta sleep in it.

SAHD life at the beginning was much more interesting than the daily grind of the cubicle monkey.  No commute, no designated lunch hour, no juggling time off.  So much more possibility! The world is your oyster baby! But now, months later, the world is a SAHD oyster between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM and between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM.  Damn small oyster. Hard to go the Getty Museum in LA baby.

Now doing a few errands eats my whole day. Picking up some groceries on foot across the street is my major afternoon accomplishment. Getting the mail can be an expedition. As Dave Barry said, “Parenting is laughably easy as long as you aren’t doing anything else!” A truly wise man.

So, as our structured days trudge on and nap after nap goes under our belts, we try and shoot for the little things in life that make the day a bit more exciting.  Playing on the swings. Making funny sounds at the store.  Going fast in the bike trailer.  The little things that make every second with the Bean a true gift.  And there is no commute.

2 Responses

  1. structure… who needs structure… our kid doesnt 😉 But, she still gets hungry at 3 AM… (where is that mental floss emoticon?)

  2. All I can say is, one day the naps will disappear (my daughter’s did at 2 and a half years) and life becomes something totally different. I won’t say whether that’s a bad thing or a good thing, because you’ll find out for yourself in due time. (And maybe it all depends on whether your child is a wild woman or not, too.) Also, should a second child ever appear on the scene, schedules go out the window anyway, and you end up having to do things like carry a sleeping one year old into an ice skating rink so that your three year old can watch the hockey game she’s been begging for. So, enjoy your home life while you can!

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