Palin: Injection of Chanel into a Fog of Ben Gay?

Looks like America’s Hockey Mom Governor is the new Republican Veepstakes winner! Congratulations to Gov. Palin on joining the sinking ship — surely her pearly whites will add that touch of magic to a campaign held together by Fixodent (and forget it!) and Ben Gay. The former mayor of a town of 5,500 that stretches over 12 vast miles of unfettered sprawl, gas stations, strip malls and conservative churches has made good on her “every woman” doctrine.  She’s not just a former Ms. Wasilla, she’s a former city councilwoman as well and subsequent mayor! If you’ve ever been to the Wasilla Texaco, you know just how far and wide her public policy initiatives have reached. I mean, Wasilla is like the Paris of Southcentral Alaska compared to say dumps like Huston or Willow! Ouch! Just so you know where she stands on the issues here is a recitation of some interesting facts about her life!

  • Supports teaching of creationism in school
  • Opposes same-sex marriage
  • Virulent Pro-life activist
  • Avid snow machinist
  • Born in Idaho
  • Played flute in Ms. Alaska Beauty Pageant (finished 2nd)
  • Won Ms. Congeniality for same competition
  • Took on corrupt Alaska Republican Party
  • Fired Public Safety Commissioner for not firing state trooper who harassed her sister
  • Husband named Todd

Punditdad suspects that this pick would not have been made if Johnny Mac thought he could become president with a Huckabee, Romney or Pawlenty.  Why take the risk? Punditdad has only one bit of advice for Mrs. Palin: learn the differencebetween the Sunni and Shiite muslims of Iraq…and quick.

2 Responses

  1. Oh Pundit Dad – is there enough time in the day? Do we have enough free minutes from our beloved children to spend blogging our hearts out over this pathetic, horrible, hideous choice of a VP? Is your mind reeling? I can barely contain myself. I will keep coming back here to read what you are saying b/c you better believe I am blogging my ass off about this on KT this week. So I will end with this – a vote for Palin is NOT a vote for Hillary and thinking that women will be fooled into thinking it is – is just another example of how a vote for McCain is a vote for Bush. It’s the same line of thinking. Bite me McCain, no Hillary supporter in her right mind will vote for Palin, a right wing nut job who ought to spend more time supporting birth control so she can spend less time in 6 months being a 45 year old Grandma.
    KT out…and my claws are freaking OUT

  2. That last picture is just way too hilarious! I might have to print it out and hang it on my fridge for a laugh during the day, but I’m afraid it might depress me too much at the same time.

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