SAHDS in Hell & Rage Against the SAHD?

I’m committed to this blog two times a week (Tuesday/Friday) in an effort to get more readers, more practice writing and explore some of the issues surrounding stay at home dad.  I’m putting together some guidelines for effective SAHD survival, something that I would want to pass on to me if I was just starting over again. But that may come in chunks rather than all at once. Besides there is too much happening in politics for me to NOT be watching MSNBC every night. And there’s the baby too…she requires some attention. So in the meantime I’m going to be posting random thoughts and useless ramblings.

SAHDS in Hell

The YouTube video above that includes Rev. Hagee saying that Mr. Moms are going to hell was especially thought provoking.  If there is any doubt he represents the forces of evil who are against the love of the teachings of Jesus, this pretty much puts it in the goal box.  I’m not a big believer in a fiery hell, but somehow how I doubt an omnipotent being is going to send me there for changing diapers, playing with blocks and feeding prunes with a little spoon.  Sadly, the idiots in his congregation seem to agree with him.  What happened to the people in Darfur committing genocide or the Junta in Burma slaughtering its own people? Those guys seem a bit higher up the “evil” chain than SAHDS don’t you think?

Rage Against the SAHD

The second thought I had was remembering my attendance at the 2000 Democratic National Convention in LA. I was mere 28 year old Democrat who got the Alaska Party to give me page credentials for 2 of the 4 nights.  We had fun and there was lots to see.  The night of Bill Clinton’s speech was one night that I didn’t have anything to do and all my friends where in the Staples Center.  I chose to go to the protest area and see the thousands of protesters and ultimately Rage Against the Machine as they performed before a young and energetic crowd.  I have inserted actual footage of that concert there — and yes, there were thousands of cops — more than I had seen in my life. They were amongst thousands of anti-nuke, pro-gay, environmental and fringe protesters that felt anger at the Democrats.

It seemed like a different time, that we were taking for granted the state of the union. We didn’t know how bad it could be under an administration that was intent on implementing it’s right wing agenda at the cost of American lives, the economy and our children’s futures.  I’ve grown up a lot since that convention (I didn’t protest, just watched) and I’m sure the people who got sprayed with high powered hoses have too.  Maybe they have children and worry about the war in Iraq or our economy or global warming? I certainly don’t think those people would protest Al Gore’s nomination if they new that George Bush would spit on the American dream they were looking to live.  Maybe most of them were like me, with nothing to do and looking for some excitement…just wanting to be close to the action and to see a free band.  Who can blame them?

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