PunditTrailer OR Some Projects Actually Get Finished

Punditdad has absolutely NO reason to be slacking on this blog since his child sleeps more than yours and is exquisitely well behaved. She in fact waits for me to spell check this blog prior to screaming, peeing or going red faced on me for the most part and only is ill behaved on days that end in “y”. Punditdad will try and get a new posting up on Tuesdays and Fridays to keep the crazy PunditCommunity alive, awake and eager for more of the red meat of parenting and politics.

Punditdad has recently invested in a bike and a bike trailer to pull around the Bean, get exercise and find more ways to get hot, sweaty and not really travel anywhere at all.

First, the bike trailer idea is simply another of 1000 diversions that stay at home parents invent to create a “goal”. This goal isn’t to be achieved but processed. You see, if you don’t have goals when you stay home you slowly go insane. Therefore, the actualization of the bike trailer isn’t as important as the “going after” it.  Therefore, it was with slight regret when Punditdad put the final bolt on the DadBike and took the Bean out for the “test ride”.

Horrors? Screams of pain? Not quite but the clock was ticking on her patience nonetheless. No century rides to LA or Malibu for us. Yet.

The Bean is a small child of 9 months with a “slack-jawed youth” style of slouching that allows her to fit into any space. A beach towel under the bum and tightening all the straps to their highest amounts brought about a fairly safe looking ensemble.  But the helmet is the sticky wicket my friends.  Should a 9 month baby wear a helmet that’s 3 times bigger than her body? Yes, afraid so but if I’m on the slow and safe bike paths of the Orange Curtain and not crossing streets on a hot day maybe daddy will let the bean go without for a few miles. Maybe.

Initially, filling the PunditTrailer full of toys, red meat and assorted emergency supplies seemed like an good idea, the Bean seemed resentful when those items bounced into her face on the dips. Everyone’s a critic.  So, now we’ve had the bike setup for a week and have been out 3 times and I can say with all the confidence of a well heeled stay at home parent that we’ve got a few rides left in us. Preferrably to places that have a surplus of Cheerios.

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