Fight the Smears and Spread the Word

Barry’s campaign has a great new website p and running (don’t they just rock the Internet 2.0?) called Fight the Smears. If ever a progressive should spread the word on how the right wing hate machine has filled the inbox’s of swing voters with lies and blaspheme, it’s now. My suggestion for all you GOBAMA’s out there is to send a couple of truths out there into the ether through the internet tubes to your grandma or your crazy uncle. Tell ’em John McCain can’t get his facts straight and despite his honorable service is not fit to change this country for the better. Tell ’em Punditdad sent ya.

On a lighter note, I’m terribly addicted to John McCain’s daughters’ blog that’s here and I have to grudginly admit the lady has great taste in music so you should check out her play lists (Postal Service AND Tom Waits gets applause from me — Jenna Bush probably is still listening to Shania Twain). Taking the long view, anyone whose mom is a beer baroness and who has great taste in music can’t be ALL bad) Ok. she’s probably a bit of a spoiled brat but who isn’t?

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