Riding Tall in the SAHD Saddle

SAHD parenting can become a slogging mess of day-to-day routine that truly is uninteresting and intellectually myopic. Get up. Take care of baby. Nap baby. Search for stimulation on internet. Baby wakes. Go about daily needs, errands and outings. Nap baby. Play again with baby. Eat with baby. Put baby to bed. Collapse with glass of red wine in front of Netflix. Sleep. Repeat.

Ok, it’s not necessarily bad, but sometimes it’s hard to see the forest from the trees. Recently, thanks to Barry clinching the nomination, Punditdad has been able to keep his head above the tree line and see the big picture WHILE still achieving victories on the baby front:

1) Ended use of baby wrap swaddler that was used at all times to act as a tranquilizer for Bean for naps and bedtime. Although she squirms like a thug on crack, she’s learning to still fall asleep on her own.

2) Putting Bean down BEFORE eyes are closed. My god it’s so easy. No more rocking for hours. Feed bottle. Rock gently for a couple of minutes. Lay down. Now, you get a howl or two but it always ends sooner than you think. Fortune favors the brave my friend.

3) Increased quality of baby outfits from same old onesies to glorious colorful print outfits that make baby appear sophisticated and fresh and also reflect well on the SAHD Dad.

As always, napping is the biggest challenge. Bean has a hard time not rolling on her tummy and waking up in a puddle of spitup. Now, I don’t blame the girl for feeling a bit uncomfortable when that occurs but if Punditdad could fashion some sort of pulley, rope or velvet binding system that forced her to stay on her stomach and nap for longer, he would certainly do so. On the other hand, just performed a nap resuscitation: a nap is ended by baby, dad intervenes with bottle and rocking and re-starts nap like a ’64 Indian motorcycle. Can’t hide my pride! And isn’t it that what its all about? Errrh, gotta go, the nap is over!

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2 Responses

  1. Are spouses allowed to post comments? Well, in honor of this weekend’s Father’s Day, I’m breaking the rules to say PunditDad deserves to ride tall in the saddle – he’s one heck of daddy and we love him for it! (and, no, I’m not just saying nice things so that PunditDad will decide not to follow through on his threat to blog about the evils of receiving “friendly reminders” and various to-do lists from your working wife!)

  2. While pondering how to express my unshakable-ability to relate to this post as I am a new father by two weeks, I read your above comment. And now I can’t help but shake the wonderful fact that another guy loathes “receiving “friendly reminders” and various to-do lists from your working wife!” Why is this? Why do men become horrified with lists? My Lilly writes them often. Today while holding baby and laying on the couch she laid down her list right smack in front of my face and asked when I thought it might be possible to get all 23 things done on it between now and next weekend. Why was I horrified? I really don’t know, as I am obligated to fulfill these tasks as part of my SAHD life. As part of our agreement. SAHD’s spouses deserve this, obviously. Sorry for writing out my unanswered thoughts her, but I suppose I am excited to find another guy that doesn’t smile when a to-do list arrives fresh off the press.
    Can anyone offer their views as to why men are scared when the wife shares friendly reminders? (PunditDad write about the lists’ evil ways!)

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