Channeling Your Frustrations

Wednesday was a fantastic day for Punditdad as Barry clinched the nomination, the Bean napped for 2.5 hours in the morning and 2 more in the afternoon, daddy was an active participant in a mother’s playgroup and our sick computer was brought back from the brink of death! Hazzah!

Yet, how the day can disintigrate.

Punditdad has fought a long battle with his mail-order prescription service and this came to a head via telephone wars as his latest prescription needed to be verified by his doctor. Now, for some ungodly reason, my doctor only works one day a week in our local office. Why? Probably because he’s rich as hell and doesn’t need to work any more — except on his golf game. So what does that mean? That’s he -3 under par and Punditdad has to wait another week if he’s to get his prescriptions. Dagnabit.

But as daddy yelled at the phone, the Bean was yelling herself and daddy felt his frustration move from the robot on the phone to his DD. Like a laser. Despite the fact that DD is only 7 months old and has nothing to do with PPO’s and the state of our corporate health care structure, Punditdad felt that welling up that occurs with a screaming baby and an unresponsive call center operator.

Guilt set in. Then resignation. I was not angry with DD but with myself. Now, rather than feel all guilty about it I snatched up the Bean, took her to her playmat and began an investigation into Mr. Elephant with the scratchy ears and assorted jewelry. She doesn’t deserve a dad who channels anger/resentment/frustration with the world back to her. That’s what my dad did and I’m going to be a better dad than that.

Big words.

When she napped for only 45 minutes this morning I was waggling my finger at her like fmr. Prez Bill about how she would regret only napping for a little bit. I think she was busy eating her foot to notice. Sigh.

Like Public Enemy says,”I roll with the punches so I survive”.

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