Daybreak OC: Your 15 Seconds of “Fame”

Isn’t if funny how every town has a morning show at 5 A.M. where chipper hosts with warm steaming mugs of coffee inflict odiously sappy stories on those just waking up? It’s always about the new zebra at the local zoo, a group of seniors who are walking around the town to save the old clocktower or just some cute kids marching for children’s rights with hand painted signs. Never too heavy like politics and religion, just “around the town news”. Well, that’s the flavor of “Daybreak OC”! They sent out a cameraman and the obligatory cheery lady to talk to Orange County SAHDS at one of our recent play dates. Can you spot Punditdad?

Pardon the requisite Mr. Mom footage, it’s gauche I know but that’s the stereotype all the brothers-in-arms-at-home are fighting. But in a nice, smiley Daybreak OC sort of way. Link on the jump below:

Daybreak OC visits OC SAHDS

One Response

  1. nice talking points, PD. and baby girl looks good on camera!

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