Politics at the Friday Watercooler

Finally, the Revlon Senator from North Carolina (who can’t win his own state) comes out for Barry. Good timing as Hillary barely got 24 hours of glory for her drubbing of Barry in W. Virginia. I think Johnny Edwards is the new AG! Do you think he’ll let the CIA drown people? Fat chance.

Wanted to spread the gospel on three totally awesome articles regarding politics in the presidential campaign from some good sources; George Will, David Brooks and The New Republic. Two are on foreign policy and the TNR is about the inner workings of the Clinton campaign when staff completely blabs the dirty laundry. Punditdad has worked on a few campaigns and he knows “real good” that people love to trash talk their co-workers.

Brooks on Obama is here…

George Will asking a few light questions for McCain is here…

and the inside scoop on problems with the Clinton Campaign is here…

Happy Friday from behind the Orange Curtain

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