Dem Nomination Longer than Bush Presidency – Finally Over?

Obama Readies the Nation for Regime Change at Home

Finally, SAHDS and the merely curious of all political stripes can breath a sigh of relief as the Bataan Death March that has become Democratic Nomination Process for President of the United States finally came to a stumbling, crashing, clumsy end last night. Barack Obama crushed Hilary Clinton in N. Carolina and split the difference in the Hoosier state. Gary and surrounding Northwest Indiana environs held out until well past midnight eastern with high drama. Punditdad wondered if Mayor Daley didn’t have a hand in ensuring the votes didn’t go for Illinois’ favorite new son? Touche Chicago!

Now the chattering class can spew about the slow and mighty withdrawal of the Clintons and the Shakespearean drama that is unfolding behind the curtains. Does she the Vice-Presidency? Does Bill want to be First Vice Gentleman? Does that make her like Al Gore and Bill Tipper Gore? Would Barry have her? So many questions and so few answers. One thing is clear — money is a problem for her and it won’t be falling like manna from the sky when the campaign “doesn’t have a clear path to the nomination”. Those guys on Wall Street and Malibu have better things to do than throw their money at losing candidates…like this for example.

So as Hilary takes a break, Obama sees his kids and the nation’s attention turns to Kentucky and North Carolina (where even the tooth fairy is unemployed) here is a Letterman Top Ten that will give you a grin.

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