Daybreak OC: Your 15 Seconds of “Fame”

Isn’t if funny how every town has a morning show at 5 A.M. where chipper hosts with warm steaming mugs of coffee inflict odiously sappy stories on those just waking up? It’s always about the new zebra at the local zoo, a group of seniors who are walking around the town to save the old clocktower or just some cute kids marching for children’s rights with hand painted signs. Never too heavy like politics and religion, just “around the town news”. Well, that’s the flavor of “Daybreak OC”! They sent out a cameraman and the obligatory cheery lady to talk to Orange County SAHDS at one of our recent play dates. Can you spot Punditdad?

Pardon the requisite Mr. Mom footage, it’s gauche I know but that’s the stereotype all the brothers-in-arms-at-home are fighting. But in a nice, smiley Daybreak OC sort of way. Link on the jump below:

Daybreak OC visits OC SAHDS


SAHDS & Isoloation

This article here does a good job outlining some of the challenges that SAHDS face – isolation being the one factor I have seen that affects the whole spectrum of SAHD life. The stay at home population is dominated by moms who are busy making play dates, coffees and meet ups with other moms. But, as the article discusses they have also have built a barrier which excludes men from those activities.

It’s easy to understand, the sheer minority of SAHDS means that they are eyed with suspicion — maybe they are stalkers, perverts or just weird. Is this justified? I don’t see why not. Generally, without making too broad a generalization, men have made the case against themselves. Rates of divorce, infidelity and even date rape are up and, statistically, men seem to be the source of some of those issues. Now, I’m sure there are quite a few women who are happy to incorporate men into their play dates and activities, but the broader population still sees moms as the daytime caretaker and therfore their social organization is single sex based.

Am I saying that stay at home moms are in fear of men? No, but I think many women don’t want to be in vulnerable situations. They don’t want to be in situations where they could be construed as compromising their marriages either. Thanks to Hollywood, we have movies like “Little Children” which completely blows away reality regarding life at home. I thought it was a good movie though and you should pick it up on Netflix if you haven’t seen it already!

One other factor is the social structure of stay at home dads. I am inclined to think men are less likely to utilize playgroups or meetups as a source of emotional stability or as a resource on parenting best practices. Punditdad doesn’t go to playgroups to see whether the Bean is doing well compared to other kids in her age group — but rather to give structure to his day. I wonder how social mores and the emotional intelligence of men and women affect how they view the challenges of stay at home life and how it affects the socializing they do. Opinions?

Politics at the Friday Watercooler

Finally, the Revlon Senator from North Carolina (who can’t win his own state) comes out for Barry. Good timing as Hillary barely got 24 hours of glory for her drubbing of Barry in W. Virginia. I think Johnny Edwards is the new AG! Do you think he’ll let the CIA drown people? Fat chance.

Wanted to spread the gospel on three totally awesome articles regarding politics in the presidential campaign from some good sources; George Will, David Brooks and The New Republic. Two are on foreign policy and the TNR is about the inner workings of the Clinton campaign when staff completely blabs the dirty laundry. Punditdad has worked on a few campaigns and he knows “real good” that people love to trash talk their co-workers.

Brooks on Obama is here…

George Will asking a few light questions for McCain is here…

and the inside scoop on problems with the Clinton Campaign is here…

Happy Friday from behind the Orange Curtain

Naps: the Alpha & Omega

As a full time SAHD to a 6.5 month year old, my lifeblood is naps. I’m thinking about naps when I wake up, when I eat, when I sleep and even when I blog. When is the next nap going to be? How long will it be? What can I accomplish during the next nap? Is the new LOST episode posted online?

My first lesson in napping was, like all naive parents, brought upon because I wanted the best for my baby daughter. I was simply napping her too much. It frustrated me and it frustrated her (she’s not tired dummy!). Finally I turned to a sleep advice book that was like the V8 punch to the head, “If your kid wakes up happy, they got enough sleep, if they wake up cranky, they didn’t.” Now our kid wakes up like Santa Claus after he’s finished Christmas, jolly and laughing with a bowl full of jelly so something was going correctly. Maybe I didn’t need to force her down every 2 hours? Duh.

In the beginning, Bean’s naps where like Hobbes’s definition of man’s life in his natural state, “Nasty, brutish and short”. But as time rolled on the naps grew longer and longer. The two naps in the morning became one longer nap. As if the God of Naps (GN) himself sent a lightning bolt of continuous sleep, the first 2 1/2 hour nap was a miracle from above. Suddenly, Punditdad has all sorts of time on his hands in the mornings between 8 and 10:30 AM and again between 1& 2ish. None of this 45 minute stop/start business. Begone!

But naps still are uncertain and the afternoon nap is like the creature from the black lagoon; it’s not easy to pin down and most times it’s not ever at the same time/place twice. Now, I know what you’re saying, the creature from the black lagoon was just trying to protect his lagoon from the crazy skin divers — but clearly they were interrupting his nap schedule! The afternoon nap has usually never been longer than 1.5 hours and is really a precurser to the late afternoon bonanza we call….

The Hardball Nap

When Punditdad was in Chicago and not behind the sunny Orange Curtain, the snow and temperature and baby prevented him from participating in the active lifestyle he was accustomed too. As a result it was often best to stay indoors during the later afternoon — specifically when the political show Hardball and Countdown with Keith Olberman are on. Daddy decided this was the perfect catnap for Bean and a time when Punditdad could plug into the national punditry and ensure his political knives are sharpened. This tradition has stood the test of time and distance all the way to the OC and is even more critical now that the presidential campaign season is in full swing. Punditdad is worried when we get to the conventions!

Hardball naps are approximately 45 minutes to 1.5 hours and require Bean to sleep on daddy’s lap. This causes issues with the phone, bathroom and such but heck, we make accommodations and everyone’s happy. She’s not getting strung out and neither is daddy! Win-Win!

Indiana Election ID Law Keeps Nuns from Polls

McCain, Obama or Hillary Voters Denied?I’m all for voter protection, proper balloting and “fair and impartial” elections so I breathed a sigh of relief when I read about how the Indiana election law has kept those senior citizen nuns from voting. Read it here.

No doubt the nuns didn’t carry ID because they thought that spending their entire adult lives devoted to the will of god might allow them to punch their ballots? Hell no. They might be Mexicans, Arabs or Dittoheads secretly in habits looking to unfairly plummet our nations’ elections into an unthinkable realm of chaos. Like the state of Florida.

The question remains, who in the hell do nuns vote for?

Dem Nomination Longer than Bush Presidency – Finally Over?

Obama Readies the Nation for Regime Change at Home

Finally, SAHDS and the merely curious of all political stripes can breath a sigh of relief as the Bataan Death March that has become Democratic Nomination Process for President of the United States finally came to a stumbling, crashing, clumsy end last night. Barack Obama crushed Hilary Clinton in N. Carolina and split the difference in the Hoosier state. Gary and surrounding Northwest Indiana environs held out until well past midnight eastern with high drama. Punditdad wondered if Mayor Daley didn’t have a hand in ensuring the votes didn’t go for Illinois’ favorite new son? Touche Chicago!

Now the chattering class can spew about the slow and mighty withdrawal of the Clintons and the Shakespearean drama that is unfolding behind the curtains. Does she the Vice-Presidency? Does Bill want to be First Vice Gentleman? Does that make her like Al Gore and Bill Tipper Gore? Would Barry have her? So many questions and so few answers. One thing is clear — money is a problem for her and it won’t be falling like manna from the sky when the campaign “doesn’t have a clear path to the nomination”. Those guys on Wall Street and Malibu have better things to do than throw their money at losing candidates…like this for example.

So as Hilary takes a break, Obama sees his kids and the nation’s attention turns to Kentucky and North Carolina (where even the tooth fairy is unemployed) here is a Letterman Top Ten that will give you a grin.

Upholding the SAHD Brand Name

As a recent convert to the stay at home instant-revolution, I’m still getting my sea legs regarding the pop culture perceptions of mainstream America.   The mythos of Mr. Mom still hangs around like gross cigarette smoke in the forums and blogs of today, but there are sparks-a-flying when people put up posts like this…especially when the blog is called Brazen Careerists.  I’m thinking that someone is writing some fiction and the Careerists might need to get some advice from Savage Love — tell the real emails from the fakers.