A digressive introduction

The world of mommy blogs is thicker than as the 2008 Federal Operating budget. Mommyblogs are rife with confusion, guilt and exasperation about whether to work, not to work or to live somewhere in between. PunditDad believes that our new paradigm of dad empowerment (fused with dad’s economic dependence on mommy) forces us to utilize the world wide web for an intensive examination of the issues. Now is the time for stay at home dads (heretofore SAHDS) to rise up, smash their own glass ceiling with the rattle of liberty and declare it a new day on the internet for this famously under-represented minority.

Without question, SAHDS are the cutting edge of parenting and the destroyer of age old stereotypes about masculinity, femininity, equality and any other “ity” you can think of. We strive to expand the definitions of caregiver, not restrict it, to free those who wish to work to do so and to allow those who hate the cubicle and the commute to dive into the diaper genie and all its glory. Hold on to your hat because its the ongoing story of kids, politics and the politics of kids. What could be more fun?

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