Obama and the Heavy Hand of Time

Punditdad has been a fan of Barry for more than a year now, ever since his 2004 speech. Punditdad was a fan of all non-establishment democratic primary contestants in the past several cycles, Howard Dean, Bill Bradley to name a few. But of course, those gentlemen made a number of calculated errors in their campaigns and they were not running during a huge economic downturn, the longest running war in US history and to replace the most unpopular president in American history.

As the primary process has continued, my love of Barry has waxed and waned as I wanted him to jab or uppercut rather than take the high road. My imagery of his political consultants giving him advice on his Wright/Race speech or on his bowling score seemed rooted in the fact that I couldn’t imagine a person so genuine as to tell the American people how they really felt. Now I realize that Barry is incapable of using the same trench warfare attack politics against the Hill because he sincerely does not believe that’s how we move our country forward.  I agree.  But tend to understand that Barry has climbed a mountain of change and cannot take a tram to the bottom. He’s stuck there or will forever risk alienating thousands of young, idealistic progressive youths (same ones who loved Dean and Bradley).

So what should Barry do for the rest of the campaign? One strategy is to do what got you to the current plateau; continue to take the high road and talk issues. The other is a belief that you cannot use the same strategy to move on to the next level.  I’m fractured on both; and Punditdad strongly believes that Barry will continue down the same strategic road UNLESS it becomes clear that Indiana or North Carolina are in jeopardy.  Of course, you the Punditdad reader say; “What about Tennessee and Kentucky?”.  Glad you asked!  Barry had done a 180 on the large crowd glittery speeches to the retail politics that will get you votes in small town America.  I think that helps him down the road to close the gap that he has with white lower middle class union type democrats.  One suggestion that I have is that he continue to parallel the Iraq war  judgment issue (Hill supported now opposes) with new foreign policy challenges like Iran, Korea, South America and Africa.  How can we elect a president who is willing to demagoque and pander to the right leaning members of the party on such critical issues? Unless you are truly in the camp of Bush in terms of going it alone, you cannot.


Fast Drivers and Pacifiers

Fast Drivers

As a recent addition to the car worshiping culture that is Southern California, it has taken some time to get used to the idiosyncrasies of CA drivers.  Now, Punditdad is an experienced Chicago driver where ruthless tactics, revenge plots and anger are all too common on the highway.  I initially thought that CA was more laid back and devoted to the “look” of driving rather than the life or death game of it. Now that Punditdad has done his share of errands, beach trips, long walks and carnaps he’s got a decent profile on the SoCal drivers.

1) The nicer your car, the quicker you have to get to the next red light.

2) If you are under the age of 30, I’m driving too slow for you and you must pass me, even if you need to be in my lane and there is a red light ahead.

3) Driving has never gotten in the way of your cell phone chatter.

While you may have experienced some or all of these rules in your area, I can assure you they are the rules of the road in the OC. Astonishingly, rules 1 & 2 are a constant source of annoyance since most of the drivers out there are 16 and driving $100K Benz’s or Lexus SUV’s.  I’ve hesitated to take Chicago revenge style tactics with most of these drivers. The best thing to do to annoy them is drive the speed limit, signal far in advance and smile.  Besides, this 1998 Toyota Corolla is carrying precious cargo. Baby on Board Kids!


Punditdad, Mommy and the Bean were at the 6 month checkup a few days ago and my inner anxiety about the pacifier was put to rest when the kind doctor with 5 names and a hyphen informed us our pacifier use for the bean was considered minimal and oh, did I tell you I’ve seen kids with them in their mouths 24 hours a day? Punditdad swelled with pride when he was informed, not for the first time, that some parents are considerably weaker then he.   The Bean, although as tall as Magic Johnson for her age was only in the most petite weight category.  I’m sure fans of the bean will wonder how long that will last. Punditdad does.

A digressive introduction

The world of mommy blogs is thicker than as the 2008 Federal Operating budget. Mommyblogs are rife with confusion, guilt and exasperation about whether to work, not to work or to live somewhere in between. PunditDad believes that our new paradigm of dad empowerment (fused with dad’s economic dependence on mommy) forces us to utilize the world wide web for an intensive examination of the issues. Now is the time for stay at home dads (heretofore SAHDS) to rise up, smash their own glass ceiling with the rattle of liberty and declare it a new day on the internet for this famously under-represented minority.

Without question, SAHDS are the cutting edge of parenting and the destroyer of age old stereotypes about masculinity, femininity, equality and any other “ity” you can think of. We strive to expand the definitions of caregiver, not restrict it, to free those who wish to work to do so and to allow those who hate the cubicle and the commute to dive into the diaper genie and all its glory. Hold on to your hat because its the ongoing story of kids, politics and the politics of kids. What could be more fun?